Can we confront mental illness with silence?

Dr Karen McDonnell, CFIOSH, CBiol MIBiol, MIPD, AIEMA looks at how mental illness in the workplace can affect everyday working and what employers can do to ensure enough support and help is offered. Irrespective of which particular piece of statistical evidence you consider the challenges of mental illness within the working population in Britain are... Continue Reading →

Under Pressure: Managing work related stress – Part 2

As we discussed in the first part of our work related stress series, poor mental health – including stress and anxiety – is a major issue in the workplace, calculated to cost the UK economy £26 billion pounds each year. While stress itself is not an illness, excessive and prolonged stress can lead to serious... Continue Reading →

How thinking like a toddler could save your life

Toddlers – they’re cute, cuddly and unintentionally hilarious (just dress one up like a miniature business man and you’ll see what I mean!) However, when it comes to keeping safe they’re just not very good at it. In fact, at times their inquisitive nature magnetically draws them to danger: forever making a beeline for the... Continue Reading →

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