Keeping it in-house

Our latest slideshare looks at one of our most popular training options. RoSPA's Driver Assessor course means you'll have somebody in-house who can assess other drivers. It's a fantastic way to reduce costs, prevent accidents and improve the reputation of your business. What's not to like?

What can you do in 15 minutes?

There are plenty of choices, but you probably didn't think one of your options was "thoroughly risk assess your attitude towards driving" That's where RoSPA's Driver Profiler comes in. It's the quick and easy online way for Fleet managers to risk assess their drivers and make training provisions.

Live long and…. RoSPA? Make your fleet the safest in the galaxy!

Are you part of a fleet? For Captain’s Picard and Kirk, the answer’s a resounding yes. For the rest of us, however, it might not be so clear cut. Unless you drive a lorry for a living, you might not think of yourself as being part of a fleet. But for many of us, driving... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why…you need to use Driver Profiler

Since its launch in June, Driver Profiler has proved to be a fantastic success with both fleet managers and drivers. The brand new version of our online risk assessment tool has received widespread praise for its innovation and performance.  If you’ve been living under a rock (or have a more valid excuse) for the last... Continue Reading →

Driving for Work – Do you know the risks?

It's time for another of our popular safety quizzes, and this time we're looking at the risks associated with driving for work. 10 short questions to test your knowledge, including stats, facts, true/false statements and even a chance to count some squares! All aimed at assessing how well you know about the risks associated with... Continue Reading →

Training in a nutshell – Abrasive Wheel Safety

Accident statistics indicate that nearly half of all accidents involving abrasive wheels occur because of an unsafe system of work or operator error. Our latest Training in a Nutshell guide looks at our Abrasive Wheel Safety course, which aims to reduce those accidents and injuries.   Abrasive Wheel Safety In a tweet: “A one-day course... Continue Reading →

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