Carrot Vs Stick: An employer’s guide to motivating staff

Imprisonment, astronomical fines, closed businesses and, most tragically, lost lives – with so much at stake, it should be easy to get everyone excited about workplace safety. And yet somehow, no matter how loud you shout about the appalling consequences, the destroyed families and the ruined lives, the response is always the same. A shrug... Continue Reading →

Office workers: is your job killing you?

Here in the UK, nearly one in three employees work in an office of some description – around 10 million of us in total. While work related fatalities might not be as common amongst ‘desk jockeys’ as they are in other industries (see our shocking safety statistics infographic for more info) far too many people... Continue Reading →

Making the break: a new career in health and safety

As our recent Backstage Pass interview explored, a career in health and safety can be a rich and rewarding journey. However, despite the enormous range of opportunities available, some people are still unsure of how to get a job in health and safety. As the oldest and most trusted name in the industry, some of... Continue Reading →

10 reasons every health & safety manager should use Twitter

As we discussed a few weeks ago in our guide to professional networking, making successful connections can benefit both you and your organisation. Having recently launched @RoSPAWorkplace – a new twitter feed exclusively for those that work in safety – here’s our top ten reasons why it’s a conversation that you should join. Scroll down... Continue Reading →

Get connected: how to build a successful professional network

A career in occupational health and safety can be a rich and rewarding journey. After all, you spend your days saving lives and striving to improve the working conditions of your colleagues. However, as our recent Backstage Pass interview touched on, occupational health and safety can be an isolating and occasionally thankless field to work... Continue Reading →

Backstage Pass: behind the scenes with a RoSPA Award winner

In this new series we ask those who’ve ‘made it’ in their health and safety careers to share their tips and reveal their secrets. This month it's Dawn Ward, Assistant Director of Health and Safety at South & City College Birmingham and all round health and safety superhero...   You might get mad – just... Continue Reading →

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