The aftermath of an accident – an employer’s guide

According to the HSE, driving a vehicle for work related activities is the single most dangerous task that most of us will do on a daily basis. Of course, these are comparative levels of risk. If your job involves deep sea fishing or climbing up trees with chainsaws buzzing away, well that’s obviously pretty risky!... Continue Reading →

What does the future hold for the construction industry?

The economic future of the construction industry is looking bright, spurred on by Government funding for key infrastructure projects, the Help-to-Buy Loan Scheme, the Funding for Lending Scheme and apprenticeships to increase the number of skilled workers. And there’s new health and safety legislation for the sector, with the long-awaited revised CDM Regulations expected to... Continue Reading →

How to gain the OHSAS 18001 standard

This blog post looks into ‘What is OHSAS 18001?’ and how your organisation is assessed when gaining this British Standard. What is OHSAS 18001? OHSAS 18001 is a British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems. It was created to help organisations demonstrate good occupational health and safety performance and as a result is... Continue Reading →

Who’s handling your safety audits? Internal vs. external

This post examines the pros and cons of internal vs. external  safety auditing within your organisation. It also discusses what a safety audit is and why your organisation should conduct one.  What is a safety audit? A number of different definitions exist about ‘health and safety auditing’. The HSE Guidelines for Best Practice define a... Continue Reading →

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