Working at height – Get it right

The construction sector accounts for just 5% of employees in Britain, yet it accounts for 27% of all fatal injuries to employees, many of which result from falls. However, it’s not just construction workers who are at risk when working at height…  In fact, working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities... Continue Reading →

Falls from height – Your questions answered

More than a million British businesses and 10 million workers are estimated to carry out jobs involving some form of work at height every year. Falls are one of the biggest causes of death and serious injury at work. That’s why this year’s #OSHtober focussed on working at height and raising awareness of the dangers.... Continue Reading →

Meet the winners: Edinburgh Napier University

The RoSPA Health and Safety Awards are truly all inclusive with entries from organisations of all sizes and from a wide spectrum of industries from the oil and gas industry right through to local authorities and education establishments. One such organisation is the Edinburgh Napier University, which is one of the largest universities in Scotland,... Continue Reading →

Heavy load: A trainer’s guide to manual handling essentials

Lifting. It’s not complicated, is it? You pick something up and put in back down again. Most of us have been doing it since we were a few months old. Yet incredibly, more than a third of all workplace injuries which result in someone being off work for more than three days are caused by... Continue Reading →

When should work-related injuries to the public be recorded?

To report or not to report? Not a line from a Shakespeare play but a regularly asked question by leisure operators and managers of sites with visitors in relation to work-related accidents. And there is a good reason for that - it isn’t straightforward at all. To address this, RoSPA has worked with members of... Continue Reading →

Every breath you take: A brief history of silica and silicosis

Take a deep breath. It’s something we all take for granted from the day we are born. When resting, adults breathe 12-20 times a minute. In fact, it is estimated that we take between 17,000-30,000 breaths per day and that the total length of airways in our lungs is 2,400 km...the equivalent of travelling between... Continue Reading →

Are you on our Winner’s Photoboard?

The 2016 RoSPA Health and Safety Awards Gala Dinner was a fantastic evening full of great food, top entertainment and inspirational stories.  Here are a selection of photos showing what a great time everyone had.   If you didn't attend the event then watch this space as the 2017 Awards are opening later this year...... Continue Reading →

Join the Conversation in London

Things will be looking a little bit different at this year’s Safety and Health Expo. If you’ve visited the Safety and Health Expo before, you’ll know that the venue is jam packed with exhibitors, demonstrations and presentations. There’s so much to see and do and not a great amount of time in which to do... Continue Reading →

Setting the standard around the globe

Every year about 12,000 Egyptians die as a result of a road traffic crash. Shocking as this is, anyone driving on the crowded streets of Cairo will be unsurprised to hear that Egypt is ranked number five in the world for the highest number of road traffic casualties. To an accompaniment of blaring car horns,... Continue Reading →

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