Wellbeing Week: Taking the time to protect your team

As we’ve discussed in our previous post on 24/7 safety, it’s been estimated that the average home is around ten times more dangerous than the workplace. With that in mind, it’s not hard to see why businesses up and down the country are beginning to take safety outside of work seriously. In this post, we... Continue Reading →

9 presentation pitfalls – how many are you guilty of ?

With Family Safety Week just around the corner (23-27 April), we’ve put together a FREE family-focussed toolbox talk for you to download and deliver to your team

The good, the SHAD and the ugly: 5 ways to ensure your Safety and Health Awareness Day hits the target

5 ways to ensure your Safety and Health Awareness Day hits the target

5 ways that supporting RoSPA’s Brighter Beginnings Appeal can help your business

Earlier this year, we discussed the reasons for launching the Brighter Beginnings Appeal. The bottom line is that too many children are still being killed in accidents – in fact, on average two children die every week in an accident at home, while thousands more end up in A&E. With that in mind, the Brighter... Continue Reading →

Brighter Beginning Appeal: Your support can save little lives

It’s hard to believe, but accidents are still the biggest killer of children and young people in the UK. In fact, on average two children die every week in an accident at home. Yet they don’t have to happen. In this post, we explore RoSPA’s brand new charity appeal, designed to put a stop to... Continue Reading →

6 unforgettable nuclear disasters that terrified the world

As our recent worst industrial fires post showed, when occupational disasters strike, they can be devastating. However, when those disasters involve nuclear power, the effects can be catastrophic. Below we have listed some of the worst peace-time nuclear incidents the world has known... 1. Chernobyl Disaster, 1986 When people mention nuclear disasters, this is normally... Continue Reading →

The REAL reasons some people HATE health and safety

We’ve all been there. That awkward moment down the pub or at a party when somebody asks what you do for a living. There’s a pause while you stall for time, a bead of sweat forming on your brow while you debate how to respond. In the end you swallow hard and decide to bite... Continue Reading →

The 5 worst industrial fires you’ve never heard of

Fire – man’s oldest friend... and occasionally his deadliest adversary. While fire statistics show that the incidences of industrial fires are broadly in decline, when they do strike the results are often devastating. While many of the fires that happen in the UK are well documented, international disasters often don’t get the media coverage they... Continue Reading →

Reformed racer – Undercover in a speed awareness course

Now, I’m no boy racer – never have been. My car doesn’t have racing stripes, tinted windows, or bucket seats; my number plate isn’t personalised, and if it was it certainly wouldn’t read: V FA5T. So, before I started working at RoSPA, doing a speed awareness course had never really crossed my mind. Like most... Continue Reading →

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