Give the gift of a NEBOSH Certificate this Christmas

As the saying goes ‘It’s better to give than to receive’. We hear it all the time, especially at this time of year. The accumulation of possessions offer only short-term gains which often fade quickly. On the flip side, generosity and giving offers long lasting happiness, purpose and fulfilment. Christmas, you see, is far more than... Continue Reading →

Keep your workforce merry with Director Involvement

Secret Santa, mince pies and after work drinks - Christmas has arrived! And yet for some, getting involved in workplace festivities is as unwelcome as the monthly credit card bill. Generally speaking however, employee participation in communal activities can help form the bedrock of positive working relations and help a business thrive. So perhaps putting... Continue Reading →

The importance of correct festive viewing

In an age where streaming services, digital downloads and catch-up tv reign supreme, it’s quite surprising that the Christmas Day tradition of congregating around the ‘box’ (let alone the same room) to watch live programming endures. For most of us it’s as good a time as any to throw on those festive slippers, open the... Continue Reading →

Chemical romance: 9 reasons you should learn to love COSHH

Be honest now. Some regulations can feel like a drag – bureaucratic hoops that you’re forced to jump through. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations are not like that though - rather, they are a vital and in some cases lifesaving necessity for all businesses. After all, COSHH covers hazardous substances that... Continue Reading →

HSE: Scary Statistics

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has updated its latest statistics on workplace safety, and they make for scary reading as workplace illness and injuries remain a major problem for the UK. In honour of Halloween, we've put together a 'scary' infographic to give you all the key facts: If you want to read HSE's full breakdown of... Continue Reading →

Build your career: NEBOSH Construction Certificate

Remember playing with brightly coloured, interlocking plastic bricks? The hours spent piecing together intricate sets, vehicles, buildings, entire cities? The possibilities for playing, building and creating were truly endless. For most, this has moved beyond childhood playtime and in particular, become a rewarding career path for professionals within the construction industry. Whilst the recession may... Continue Reading →

Time well spent: 6 Steps for developing In-Company Training

Reading and answering work emails accounts for a third of employees' time in the office and a staggering half of their total time when working at home. This, plus endless to-do lists, seemingly pointless meetings and unexpected interruptions can spell doom for an otherwise well planned day. This ultimately inhibits productivity, creativity, and creates a... Continue Reading →

Risk Assessment goes to Hollywood

Moviemaking can be exciting and lucrative, but beneath the glitz and glamour lies unique risk. Indeed, the idea of someone hanging on to the side of an Airbus 400 as it takes off is probably a health and safety professional’s worst nightmare. Equally, driving an armoured truck in to the lobby of a crowded Las... Continue Reading →

Home is where the heart is: The benefits of keeping training In-House

We’ve all been there - standing on the platform while the train gets later and later until finally the departure board flashes a single, ominous word: Cancelled. We all recognise that desperate scramble to make alternate arrangements, calling taxis, sprinting for buses, texting and ringing colleagues to apologise that we’re running late. And you can... Continue Reading →

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