Meet the Winners: Clarion Response Ltd

CLARIONIn our latest post in the ‘Meet the Winners’ series, we spoke to Ian Hutchinson, Health, Safety & Compliance Officer at Clarion Response who achieved a RoSPA Gold Medal Fleet Award in 2019. Read on to find out why year after year, Clarion continue to enter our prestigious awards….

What motivates you/your organisation to enter the RoSPA Fleet Safety Awards?

The RoSPA Fleet Safety Awards allows organisations to work towards a high standard for Clarion Response Logo (002)managing fleet safety. We use entering the Awards as an opportunity to not just review what we have done over the previous year, but also what initiatives we can introduce for the next year.

What benefits does winning a RoSPA Fleet Safety Award have for you/your organisation?

Our Awards are recognition that we are working to a high standard for managing fleet safety.

Which innovative approaches, risk assessment practices and/or control measures to manage occupational road risk are you particularly proud of from your most recent RoSPA Awards submission?

We regularly review risk assessments and guidance related to fleet safety, this follows a consultation with staff through the appropriate methods. By adopting this approach we are able to get buy-in from all staff.

Are you able to share any outcomes that have come from your organisation’s approach to the management of occupational road risk?

Since winning the award, we have provided new vans to a section of the business, which have been more practical for them when carrying out their daily jobs. The vans will also be provided to the remainder of the business on a phased approach. Vehicle accident rates have also been reduced.

How have the RoSPA Awards inspired you/your organisation to continually improve the management of occupational road risk?

Fleet quoteClarion Response have received the gold award for eight consecutive years so we are highly motivated to continue to improve and put in initiatives to ensure this achievement is maintained.

What advice would you give to a new entrant into the RoSPA Fleet Safety Awards about drafting their submission?

Firstly understand what is required, read through the guidance fully. Then look at the evidence that you have and decide what section each piece is best suited to. Ensure that the evidence you are submitting is mentioned in the submission and also where you have discussed something try to link a piece of evidence to that bit of information.

Does your organisation have employees who drive for work? Don’t miss the chance to show your commitment and achievements in safety. Click here to find out more about RoSPA Fleet Safety Awards, and how you can get involved. With free mentoring to help entrants maximise their entry, and a host of Awards Excellence Events and free to enter awards, there couldn’t be a better time to join the RoSPA Awards Community.

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