Meet the Winners: Complete Asset Life Management Group

Have you heard the news? The 2020 RoSPA Health and Safety Awards are now officially open for registrations! For over 60 years, and representing more than 7million people worldwide, organisations from across the globe enter in a bid to be awarded a prestigious RoSPA Award.

With almost 2000 entries submitted every year, our award-winning community coProfile 4ntinues to grow. We recently caught up with Mark Popham, Director at Complete Asset Life Management Group Ltd (CALM), and a 2019 RoSPA Gold Award winner, to find out how entering the awards has benefited their organisation…

What motivates you/your organisation to enter the RoSPA Awards?New Logo (002)

We strive to do our utmost to keep our employees and others who may be affected by our activities, safe at all times. We feel RoSPA drives forward the correct principles and reflects the right ethos for us to demonstrate our positive safety culture.

What benefits has winning a RoSPA Award had for you/your organisation?

Winning a RoSPA award has helped us to substantiate our commitment to our health, safety and well-being whilst driving forward a continually improving positive culture. This benefits our employees, clients and members of the public who may be affected by our work activities.

Which innovative approaches, risk assessment practices and/or control measures to manage health and safety are you particularly proud of from your most recent RoSPA Awards submission?

Our internal real-time compliance system showcased our commitment to health, safety and wellbeing, whilst allowing us to provide innovative solutions for proactive measurement and monitoring, as opposed to a traditional reactive approach to accidents. 

What outcomes have come from your organisation’s approach to health and safety management?

Our proactive approach has led to a reduction in accidents andQuote 1 injuries, resulting in minor injuries. Trends through near miss and hazard analysis allow learning events to be delivered quickly, thus breaking trends and the resulting accidents occurring. 

How have the RoSPA Awards inspired you/your organisation to continually improve health and safety management?

The RoSPA Awards inspired us to drive forward innovation through the use of technology to enable proactive engagement with our workforce to improve our safety performance and culture. This is further supported by our work in the community, working with local education establishments to adopt a forward-thinking approach to benefit young people entering the industry. 

What do you enjoy most about the RoSPA Awards process?

The process of entering the awards allows us to focus on specific areas within our business to drive forward continual improvements.

What do you think entrants could do over the year to keep drafting an awards submission simple?

Hold interim ‘ideas’ sessions to identify areas of strength within the business to allow for this to be filtered into the submission. Furthermore, such sessions will also highlight areas of improvements which are required, to allow a focus to be made on these areas prior to the submission.

What advice would you give to organisations considering entering the RoSPA Awards for the first time?

Attend the Award Excellence Quote 3Forums to gather practical tips and advice from previous applicants and members. Also, prepare for the submission and obtain as much input from others within the organisation as possible. Engage within the local community, safety groups and educational establishments to enhance company learning, obtain support and learning from such groups.

 How would you convince organisations not entering the RoSPA Awards to start entering?

RoSPA really drives forward excellence in the reduction and prevention of accidents which will enhance any organisations standing and reputation in relation to health, safety and well-being.

Do you think your organisation has what it takes to be crowned a #rospawinner? Simply visit to find out how to enter.

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