Getting personal: Staying safe at work and at home

At L’Oréal we have laid the foundations and created a safe and healthy space within which our workers can thrive. Our next step is to ensure that people truly understand the value of why getting safety right is as important to each of them as it is to the ‘business’. Making safety personal and encouraging the transfer of safety-related information into the non-work environment sends the message that we value our people.

To use the technical term ‘human capital’ in relation to such a personal topic might be perceived as distancing ‘us’ from the harsh reality of ‘safety gone wrong’, however it aligns our approach with GRI403 occupational health and safety, and is underpinned by an understanding of leading indicators and other measures used to inform our management and enable us to evaluate our OHS performance and share what works.

In addition to aligning our approach, we are part of a constellation of organisations leading on the implementation of GRI403, an influencer linked to the work of the Center for Safety & Health Sustainability (CSHS), and acting as host for the fourth CSHS workshop, supported by IOSH in a few week’s time.

The individual elements of GRI403 are referred to as ‘disclosures’ – an interesting choice of word, heralding the idea that new or secret information is being made available about the topic under consideration – which encourage the sharing of leading indicators and the safeguarding of human capital on a local to truly global scale.

The challenges of creating safe and healthy environments and sustainable working lives, set against the backdrop of an ageing workforce, makes it imperative to understand our data. Age, gender, migrant status, work type, and the methodologies used to compile data including underpinning assumptions, are all elements we need to comprehend.

Also included is commuting incidents (a common interest between L’Oréal and RoSPA); i.e. workers travelling between a place of private activity, for example their home, and a place of work. All modes of travel, such as motor vehicles, railed vehicles, bicycles, aircraft and walking are included.

The mix of L’Oréal sites, RoSPA members and award winners, and the team of international RoSPA Awards Ambassadors is a rich one which lends itself to championing GRI403. Representatives from this network and others have been invited to participate in the fourth CSHS workshop in April. I look forward to sharing the outcomes with you and identifying how we can work together going forward.

Malcolm Staves – Corporate H&S Director at L’Oréal

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