Baby it’s cold outside – 11 essential things you need in your car this winter

Winter isn’t quite here yet, but we’ve already had our first cold snap of the season. The thick coat has been located, you’ve purchased some new gloves and a fetching woolly hat. But what do you need to have stored in your vehicle over the cold, dark winter months? Here’s a list of 11 essentials you need to be packing…

  1. Tow rope – File this under “what I need to buy”!
  2. A shovel – You’ve probably got one in the garden, but over the Winter months it’s going to prove far more useful in your boot.
  3. Boots – Wellies, snowshoes etc, etc. Personally, I find golf shoes are great for both warmth and grip.  Of course, thick socks are also needed! Remember: Make shoe you wear suitable shoes whilst driving. Your winter shoes may have to be stored elsewhere in the vehicle.
  4. Hazard warning triangle – You’ve probably got one in the boot, but do you know where and how to access it?
  5. De-icing equipment – Finally, something you’ve probably already got in the car. But make sure it’s not empty! A fruitless attempt at spraying the windscreen at 7am isn’t the best start to the day.
  6. First aid kit – And make sure it’s well stocked and in good order. If you’ve got any specific medical problems make sure you’ve got the appropriate medicine stored.
  7. A working torch – Please note the word ‘working’!
  8. A car blanket – If you breakdown and the heating isn’t working you really don’t want to be sitting in a freezing car for hours or worse still standing by the side of the road.
  9. Warm clothes – You’re probably wearing warm clothes, but you should have an equally warm alternative stored in the vehicle in case you have to leave the car and your clothes get wet or damaged. swerve
  10. Emergency rations – including hot drink in a flask – non-alcoholic, of course! Take your pick food wise, but consider foods that will keep your energy levels up.
  11. Mobile phone – Make sure it’s fully charged! And if possible have a charger or power bank with you.


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at other important areas of winter driving such as preparing for the drive, driving in snow and how to deal with flooded roads. So watch this space for all this and more.


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