Who wants to be a #RoSPAWinner?

October 1st marked the launch of the prestigious 2020 RoSPA Health and Safety Awards, and already hundreds of organisations from across the globe have registered for the chance to be awarded the #RoSPAWinner title.

With organisations of all sizes and sectors applying for the awards, it’s important to select the best category to suit your organisation. Perhaps you’re a current winner and want to challenge your organisation to achieve a competitive sector award or trophy, or if you’re brand new to the scheme, it’s important to choose the right award for you. So we asked Awards Ambassador John Johnston, Health, Safety and Radiation Advisor at TechnipFMC, to share some advice on the awards process, and how to pick that all important category.

“My advice would be to have a look at the category guide for achievement awards at first.  Check out the 10 key performance questions to get a feel for what’s involved.”

Achievement Awards

“If you have a great health and safety culture story to tell but management systems need a bit more structure and formalisation, then perhaps the Achievement Awards are the best starting point.  This will give you and your organisation the chance to get your feet under the table, get familiar with the process and at the end of the day it could help set business objectives for areas you feel could improve, especially if you go for the feedback option from RoSPA. Progressing your way through the Achievement Award route is also a great opportunity to demonstrate continuous improvement.”

In addition to our core Occupational Health & Safety Achievement Awards, if your organisation runs a fleet or operates in the leisure industry, you can showcase and demonstrate specialisms in these areas with the RoSPA Fleet and Leisure Achievement Awards. Select to enter these categories as a stand-alone entry of free alongside an Occupational Health & Safety Achievement or Sector Award (two for the price of one!).

Sector Awards

“If you can go down the 10 key performance questions and feel your health and safety culture captures the spirit and intention of each question, that’s a good start.  If you can also confidently demonstrate this using tangible evidence providing examples of good performance and continual improvement, with low rates of injury/ill-health, enforcement action etc., then it may be time to look at the competitive Sector Awards.  As a first entry, sector-level success isn’t impossible, but the culture, management system and performance would need to be pretty slick, and clearly described and evidenced.  For the overall winners in each sector category, judges are looking for examples of innovation and commitment that go above and beyond good performance and compliance.”

Free to Enter Specialist Awards

We want entrants to get the most of their awards journey, that’s why we offer a host of free to enter specialist awards alongside an Achievement or Sector Award Entry

“The Inspiration Awards are nomination based, if you know of an individual, team or initiative/project that is worthy of praise and recognition for exceptional efforts – then these awards are the perfect fit for the shining stars in your organisation.”

The Awards also feature five categories that do not require additional submission or evidence but recognise excellence in key areas. Winners are selected from all entries to the Achievement and Sector Awards, by a panel of judges made up of high profile industry experts.

Employee health and reducing carbon footprint are two increasingly important areas of focus. If your organisation goes above and beyond to excel in these areas and can provide evidence, policies and examples of successful campaigns, then tick the box to be considered for the International Dilmun Environmental Award and the Health at Work Award.

Having chosen the category that’s best for you – don’t think you’re on your own.  The Mentoring Scheme, launched in 2019, has proven to be a resounding success and is designed specifically to help guide new entrants through the awards process and aid existing entrants in maximising the full potential of their entry. Simply email awards@rospa.com and we’ll introduce you to an experienced Award winner mentor.

Winning an Award isn’t the end of the story – being a #rospawinner elevates your organisation’s profile to customers, peers and stakeholders and opens the door to the exclusive Awards Excellence Forum, a network of likeminded award entrants offering support and sharing advice that can help with not only your award entry – but also your safety management systems and career.  Winners are proud of their achievements and we want to help you shout about your success take a look at a few of our Award Winner case studies!

To get involved, register by December 5, 2019 to be a part of the Birmingham and London Ceremonies or by April 30, 2020 for Glasgow Ceremonies and postal entries.

Full list of Awards Categories:

Sector Awards.
Achievement Awards

Specialist Awards

John Johnston also runs Health and Safety for Beginners, a website dedicated to providing continuing support for students of all ages and experience levels throughout their studies. See the link to find out more https://www.healthandsafetytips.co.uk/

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