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The latest in our #OSHtober blogs looks at a driving issue that affects all of us on a regular basis, namely finding the best place to park your car…

Find a space, park your car in it. It sounds simple enough, but how much thought do you really put in to where you park your car?  Whether it’s by the road or in a car park, there are plenty of factors to weigh up before you park up….

  1. The golden rule is to ensure that others can see you. Bear in mind the time you will be returning to your vehicle – a safe place during daylight may be quite different at night.

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  1. Lock your doors and close your windows when entering a car park.


  1. If possible, park in an open area with good visibility from all sides.


  1. Try to choose a well-lit area that is visible to other people.


  1. If the car park has a manned kiosk, try to park close to that.


  1. In multi-storey car parks, try to park close to the exit on your level.


  1. Reverse into your chosen space, this makes driving off a lot easier.


  1. To minimise the risk of damage to your vehicle, park next to a fixed object and consider the position of the vehicle on the other side of your intended space.


  1. Pull in your wing mirrors, but don’t forget to pull them out again before driving off.


  1. Try to spot where the CCTV cameras are located. Ideally, park somewhere in their line of vision.


  1. Finally, always lock your door when moving away from the parked vehicle, even if it’s just to put some money in the machine.


There you go, some of them may sound like we’re teaching you to suck eggs, but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t always adhere to them. Of course, it’s not realistic to find a parking space that meets all 11 of the factors, unless you fancy driving round for hours. But if you try to tick as many boxes as possible you can help ensure that you park safely every time!



Throughout #OSHtober we will be providing you with tips and advice on how to ensure you drive safely for work. You can also keep up to date with all the latest safety news by signing up to SafetyMatters, our free monthly e-newsletter.

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