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Sometimes cutting corners for the sake of a few pounds can actually wind up costing you a lot more time and money then you ever could have imagined, especially when it comes to health and safety. More often than not businesses keep revising their goals to increase profitability and as a result, workers start looking for the most expedient way to get their work done – which isn’t always honest, ethical, or safe.

Safety and environmental concerns seem to be brushed off the most with adequate employee training being another omission. When managers don’t know how to calculate the return on their training, it’s easy for them to slash training as a cost-saving measure. But neglecting known expenses to save money with the hope that ‘everything will be okay’ is a very risky proposition.

No short cuts

It goes without saying that every business wants to save money. However, by taking short cuts and attempting to save money by not investing in training, the possibility of expensive unknowns actually increases. What’s the cost when an employee is inadequately trained to operate high risk machinery? Or the cost of lower levels of production when people don’t know how to perform proper maintenance on their equipment? What are the long term effects of employees taking pro-longed absences due to work related injuries?

The bottom line is – no short cuts. Businesses need to budget the necessary time, money and other resources necessary to cover the costs of doing things correctly and safely. Otherwise, an unknown expense might exponentially negate everything a business thought they were saving. Whilst training can be an expensive outgoing for any business, it’s important to realise the long term benefits.

Employees First

Employees are one of the most critical parts of any business because in the simplest terms, a business is an extension of its employees, who are both the company’s most valuable asset and the masters of its direction. In many ways, employees are the glue which holds a business together.

Therefore, ensuring that employees are equipped, qualified and fit for business with room to grow as the business does is an essential part of ensuring its success – and this includes the implementation of Health and Safety training.

Managing Safely

This is where our IOSH Managing Safely course comes in, as it allows organisations to cut their costs without cutting corners, or more importantly, compromising on safety.

The training course is a flexible option for any manager or supervisor within any industry with no pre-requisites or prior health and safety knowledge required. It’s also great value for money as it covers two key areas within a single programme; health and safety and environmental basics, with a choice of training durations and venues across the UK.

Whilst the course won’t turn delegates into safety experts, it will enable them to meet and exceed their statutory requirements as managers

What are the benefits?

Having an on-site qualified safety professional is a huge asset for any organisation, as it will help in reducing costs by preventing accidents and ill-health of employees, without incurring unnecessary expense by over-reacting to trivial risks.

It will not only build employee confidence in the health and safety standards of the working environment, but also stakeholder confidence. Moreover, it will ensure employee compliance with health and safety policies as well as legal requirements.

If you’d like further information on our IOSH Managing Safely course, you can find out more by contacting us on 0121 248 2233, email or visit our website.

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