Where will NEBOSH take you?

Most of us can probably recall a time when life seemed a tad overwhelming. Those early morning jitters before a GCSE exam (O-Level for those who go a little further back). The feeling of utter dread before stepping into a job interview. Or perhaps the moment long awaited to recite the eternal words ‘I do’.

Whether it’s an exam, an interview or marriage, these events which help shape our future can be stressful and often daunting. Naturally, we want to make sure the decisions, time and effort we’ve committed are all worthwhile. And at the end of it all – that it’ll take us somewhere truly fulfilling! 

So where could a NEBOSH Course take you? The cover of Vanity Fair? The top of Mount Everest? To infinity and beyond!? Perhaps not. In the case of qualifications accredited by professional health and safety associations, they provide a stamp of approval, the ability to improve performance, progress earning potential and pursue career development:

Career Progression

NEBOSH courses are seen as the benchmark of a health and safety professional and as a result, are closely linked with career progression and job security.

Not only that, NEBOSH qualifications are recognised by professional membership bodies such as; the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) and the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), meaning you’ll be able to demonstrate your skills to potential employers by using letters such as TechIOSH, GradIOSH, CMIOSH, MIIRSM, AIEMA etc. after your name.

Legal Compliance

For some areas of work, it’s mandatory to maintain a good competency level to practice health and safety, and in most others is encouraged to keep knowledge and skills up-to-date, not just from a moral perspective, but also from a legal one.

The legal framework for health and safety is a fundamental element of any NEBOSH qualification, providing the main legal requirements of health and safety within the UK, ensuring businesses and staff are meeting their legal responsibilities.

Increased Knowledge

NEBOSH qualifications provide a sound awareness and understanding for professionals to meet health, safety and risk management needs in all places of work. Not only that, it gives delegates the tools to meet the changing demands within health and safety, and provide the skills to mentor and develop those around them. The areas of knowledge which are covered within a NEBOSH qualification are:

  • Managing Health & Safety – focusing on the principles of health and safety management, delegates will fully understand the key foundations of health and safety legislation, loss causation and incident investigation, looking at behaviour and factors that influence behaviour, the assessment and evaluation of risk and risk control and crucially, the role of the health and safety practitioner
  • Hazardous Agents within the workplace – focusing on occupational health and hazardous substances, biological, noise and vibration, radiation, mental ill-health, violence and aggression, musculoskeletal and work environment risks and controls
  • Workplace and work equipment – a focus on workplace welfare requirements, fire and explosion, workplace fire risk assessment, dangerous substances, work equipment, workplace machinery, working at height, electrical safety, construction and work place transport
  • Application of Health and Safety Theory and Practice and the role of the practitioner within the organisation in influencing health and safety practices through the assignment

The practical element of NEBOSH courses means you’ll also be able to apply the underlying knowledge to your workplace, integrating and adapting the theory to well-known and new situations.

Better Skills

Fostering an attitude of appreciation for lifelong learning is key to workplace success. A NEBOSH course will build the foundations for you to develop yourself and your skill set to add value to your organisation and for your own career development within a practical environment, including:

  • Investigation
  • Analysing
  • Communication with internal, external and up and down the organisation
  • Risk management and assessment
  • Proactive approach to health and safety
  • Confidently handle situations

If you’re considering a NEBOSH course and want to learn more, you can find information about our suite of NEBOSH courses by contacting us on +44 (0)121 248 2233, email or view our website.

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