Better than jetpacks! Welcome to the future of Health & Safety training…

As a child, do you remember wondering what the future would hold? Would you soar to work on a jetpack or hurtle through the city on a hover board? Would dinner consist of a handful of vitamin pills? Would a trip to Mars and back be as cheap and cheerful as a budget flight to Benidorm?

By these sci-fi standards, I guess it’s possible to admit that the future has turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. In fact, a quick glance at the news some days can give the impression that we’re moving backwards rather than forwards. However, there is one area where we’re undeniably embracing the future head on. Of course, I’m talking about none other than the futuristic world of E-learning…

While it might not be as cool as laser guns and flying cars, E-Learning has nevertheless transformed the landscape of learning and development. Learners now want mobile, relevant, personalised and self-paced content at a point of need. Couple this with the fact that companies are reluctant or cannot afford to lose their employees for days or weeks at a time and E-learning becomes quite an attractive learning alternative. For this reason, we’ve put together the key reasons why E-Learning could be a viable option for your business:

Faster delivery:

A key advantage of E-learning is that it has a quicker delivery cycle time than traditional classroom-based instruction. This is mainly due to the practical limitation on how quickly learning can be rolled out with classroom-based instruction, as the capacity to deliver is limited by the number of available classrooms and trainers. The key reasons for faster delivery being:

  • It doesn’t take as long to start and finish a learning session
  • Learners set their own pace, rather than the pace of the group
  • No travel time is required to get to and from training events

Lower costs:

Because of the speed and ease in which E-learning is delivered, the costs of learning and development for an organisation are drastically reduced, with immediate cost reductions gained through:

  • Training time
  • Training fees
  • Course materials
  • Travel and accommodation

More effective learning:

E-learning courses can have a positive and direct impact on an organisation’s profitability by making it easy to learn and digest information with comprehensive exam preparation and on-going feedback. The benefits of which are:

  • Greater ability to apply the new knowledge or processes on the job
  • Better long-term retention of information

 Lower environmental impact:

By providing an alternative to the paper-based learning and testing of traditional classrooms, E-learning is an effective way for organisations to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. The key areas in which E-learning lowers an organisations’ environmental impact are through:

  • Cutting down on the travel arrangements associated with a course
  • Reducing the need for a venue and the accompanying costs of maintaining the facility and equipment
  • Eliminating the need for paper, thus saving trees

On a final note, whilst E-Learning is a great option for delegates looking for an alternative learning route, it’s also important to note that there will always be some skills-based/competence-based subjects on which a classroom course is still the best approach, with E-learning being a useful starting point to help businesses assess what further training they may need.

We offer a range of E-learning services providing practical, flexible and convenient ways of learning, designed to fit around you and your needs. For more information contact us on 0121 248 2233, email or visit our website.

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