6 Reasons to Attend a RoSPA Awards Gala Dinner

For over 60 years here at RoSPA, we’ve been rewarding the health and safety excellence of organisations of all sizes from across the globe (24 countries to be precise). The Awards celebrations climax with the prestigious RoSPA Awards Gala Dinners, four glittering nights entertaining over 3,500 including some of the most important people from across the industry.

This year we’re opening the doors to non-award entrants! Not sure if this event’s for you? Here are just a few reasons to join in the celebrations!

  1. Network, network, network
    With over 700 guests each night from some of the most renowned companies in the health and safety sector, these nights are a chance to connect with other like-minded organisations and individuals.
  2. Exposure
    Attending the awards could raise your profile and generate positive coverage of your organisation! Use the #RoSPAWinner on your social media posts on the night, and let the world know you’re at the most prestigious event in health and safety.
  3. Reward your team
    Your team will think Christmas and New Year have come early! Why not reward all those who have worked all year with a night of great food, drinks, entertainment and dancing?
  4. Great night out
    If you needed any more convincing after that previous point (who doesn’t love food, drinks and dancing?), we should also point out that there’ll also be after-dinner entertainment by fabulous comedian Ed Byrne at our London and Birmingham dinner, and Andy Cameron (MBE) in Glasgow.  Previous guests have included comedians Jimmy Carr, Jason Manford, Rory Bremner and John Bishop
  5. Entertain clients
    Give your clients a night they won’t forget, and bring them along to one of our Gala Dinners. Not only will they be wined and dined, but it will showcase your hosting skills.
  6. Give a helping hand
    There‘ll also be a chance for you to help support a terrific cause. This year we’re raising money for our Brighter Beginnings campaign, aiming to raise enough support to provide Keeping Kids Safe packs, containing advice, tips and practical tools to disadvantaged families across the UK.

Interested in attending? Contact the awards team at awards@rospa.com or simply register online. We look forward to seeing you there!

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