Can you name the greatest fleet ever?

The Spanish Armada? The Rebel Fleet from Star Wars? What about Star Fleet from Star Trek? Or maybe you’ve decided to go your own way and are plumping for FLEETwood Mac?!

Whatever your answer, there have been some undeniably fantastic fleets over the years. And whilst we’re not guaranteeing you can achieve the same levels of fame as the likes of Captain Kirk, Princess Leia or Stevie Nicks, we can nevertheless help make your fleet one of the very best in the galaxy.

Our Advanced Driving course can get your entire fleet driving at an advanced standard. Plus it concludes with our original Advanced Driving Test, which leads to an advanced drivers’ qualification!

If you’re a fleet manager, then this has a wealth of benefits and sends a clear message that your organisation takes fleet safety seriously. You can save money, reduce accidents and boost company morale.

Our latest slideshare presentation looks at the course in more detail.

RoSPA Fleet Safety are working to reduce occupational road risk using innovative, behaviour-based solutions. Our goal is to be the global leader in driver and fleet safety. 

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