Credit where credit’s due

We all like to be recognised for our hard work. A high mark for a homework assignment, praise off your boss for a job well done or simply some words of appreciation from a loved one when you’ve been working in the garden for hours whilst he/she is watching Netflix and drinking wine. Whatever it is, being recognised feels good, and the more recognition you get the higher you are in people’s estimations.


Here at RoSPA, we’re proud of being able to give businesses recognition for their driver training courses.  Specifically we give them Course Accreditation. They demonstrate that their courses adhere to an accepted standard and we give them accreditation

Without wishing to blow the RoSPA trumpet too much, the RoSPA brand is widely recognised and respected.  Courses with the RoSPA Accreditation will be viewed more favourably and are often the added benefit needed to clinch business.

But that’s easy for us to say, so let’s hear from one of those companies who have gained RoSPA Course Accreditation. We spoke to Specialist Operations Academy (SOA) and discovered how RoSPA course accreditation has helped them develop their security driver training…


Brief overview of your Company

Specialist Operations Academy (SOA) was launched in May 2017 to provide the gold standard in security driver training.  Delivered by industry leading instructors within first class facilities in Greater Manchester.  The specialist course offers advanced security driving skills for individuals looking to transform their driving careers or enhance their prospects within the close protection industry.


Why you chose RoSPA Accreditation?

With the growing risk of car related crimes and carjacking we identified a gap in the market to provide a specialist advanced driving course with a dedicated security element for those drivers escorting or driving high net worth individuals or dignitaries. The course provides a very high standard of practical training that will help to improve road safety and minimise risk against potential threats.

To distinguish ourselves from the competition we wanted to provide ‘The Gold Standard’ service.  To meet these high standards we worked with RoSPA to provide a course that was truly fit for purpose and would help to raise the standards for professional drivers. The RoSPA name is synonymous with driving safety and having this accreditation provides SOA with that accreditation and respect within the industry. Thus offering peace of mind and confidence to the drivers that they’re attending some of the best-adva_DGP2230nced security driver training available.


Summary of the work accredited out by RoSPA

Specialist Operations Academy brings you a comprehensive 7-day RoSPA accredited security driving course. Delivered by subject matter experts whom are former Greater Manchester Police Elite VIP and Special Escort Group trainers with a combined experience of over 50 years.​​​​​​​​
Protective driving is a complex task and requires a higher level of training. SOA recognised this and developed a security driver training course to provide the necessary skills required. Unlike other courses, we look to all environments, offering luxury, armoured car and 4×4 vehicle training both on and off road. We aim to ensure the experience relates to real life scenarios and situations where possible.


What do your clients say? 

The course has been a huge success to date and attendees have all come away with new driving skills and knowledge that will benefit themselves and their employees for years to come. Here is what our customers had to say:


Carla Skrytak

First class training. Can’t fault the Instructors who between them have a vast range of knowledge. They’ve been there and done it. What more do you need.
Michael Bradshaw

The Instructors are very knowledgeable and come over in a friendly manner. The simple things they show and explain to you for yours and other road users benefit is unreal. 


So there it is. Plenty of satisfied SOA customers and one very satisfied RoSPA customer. If you’d like to find to more about gaining RoSPA Accreditation then visit HERE or contact our sales team on 0212 248 2233. If you would like to check out the names of some of the other organisations that have had driver training courses accredited by RoSPA then click HERE


RoSPA Fleet Safety are working to reduce occupational road risk using innovative, behaviour-based solutions. Our goal is to be the global leader in driver and fleet safety. 

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