7 reasons why you should attend the RoSPA Child Safety Event

Here at RoSPA, we believe that children are the future, teach them well and …well you get the gist. We’re passionate about child safety and are proud to host our annual Child Safety Event.

This year’s event takes place at the Crowne Plaza, Solihull on May 15. If you work with children or young families it’s an essential event to attend, and here are just some of the reasons why…


  1. Hear from the experts

How often do you get to listen to child safety experts from Public Health England, a leading university, the Public Health Agency and the UK’s top safety charity?child-safety-2018-mpu All of the above, plus a few others will be speaking at the RoSPA Child Safety Event. You’ll be able to hear about new approaches and practices in child safety in the home. Plus get the lowdown on the latest strategies and programmes including an overview of the NI Home Accident Prevention Strategy, 2015 – 2025 and its delivery.

And they won’t be the only important people in the room…


  1. Network with peers

Working with children doesn’t afford many chances to discuss ideas and opinions with your peers. But at the RoSPA Child Safety Event that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do. Health visitors, home safety officers, accident prevention officers, fire officers will all be there. If it’s a job related to looking after children and young families, chances are that there will be someone present. The structure of the day gives you ample opportunity to share ideas and best practices with likeminded individuals.


  1. Get involved

You’ll be able to hear first-hand about the new National Accident Prevention Strategy.  It’s RoSPA’s new ‘whole-person, whole-life’ approach to the prevention of accidents. The strategy sets out priorities for each age group and encourages local delivery. RoSPA CEO Errol Taylor, who is chairing the event, will be explaining what this strategy involves and telling you how to get involved.


  1. Make life easier!

Evaluation has always been one of the trickier tasks for child safety practitioners. Luckily, Karen Garry from Merida Associates will be speaking at the event to help challenge this view. She’ll be looking at the benefits of evaluation and providing practical tips on evaluating your work. All designed to make your life a little bit easier! Evaluation also helps to improve the impact of your work and increases the possibility of sustainability.


  1. Reduce injuries

Important right? But not always easy to achieve. Paul Collingwood and Coleen Milligan from Public Health England will be presenting a session aimed at reducing unintentional injuries around the home. Specifically amongst children under five.

They will be setting out key action areas for local authorities, as well as robust steps that can be taken to build accident prevention strategies.  All of this will complement RoSPA’s strategy that will be covered in the morning session. You will also hear about the Buy Wise Be Safe resource, which aims to make an impact on injury reduction and prevention by providing clear advice to practitioners, parents and carers on the practicable steps that can be taken to ensure child safety.


  1. Put them away!

Cleaning products and nappy sacks are a major hazard when it comes to serious child accidents in the home. RoSPA’s Public Health Project Manager Ashley Martin will be on hand to explain how RoSPA is working to provide risk assessment tools and materials to professionals and consumers. The aim is to equip them with the skills and knowledge to ensure they recognise potential dangers in relation to liquid laundry capsules.  Sheila Merrill, RoSPA’s Public Health Adviser will be talking about how working in partnership with industry and retailers has resulted in the publication of a set of guidelines, which will help to reduce injuries associated with nappy sacks. Legislation is not always needed to achieve results.


  1. You can book now and save money

That’s right, book your place before April 6 and it will cost you just £30. A saving of 25% on the standard event price. £30 for all the above, plus much more, represents fantastic value. Especially when you consider how it could help you save money and prevent accidents for years to come.


To find out more about the event and to book your place please visit HERE or call us on 01 248 2090.

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