5 Reasons Why…you need to use Driver Profiler

Since its launch in June, Driver Profiler has proved to be a fantastic success with both fleet managers and drivers. The brand new version of our online risk assessment tool has received widespread praise for its innovation and performance.  If you’ve becar icon 205en living under a rock (or have a more valid excuse) for the last few months and the launch completely passed you by, then fear not, we’ve got the low down with our top five reasons why you need to use Driver Profiler…

  1. Driver Profiler brings new techniques to the health and safety industry

The latest version of Driver Profiler uses a new, unique question set that has been specifically developed for at-work drivers (rather than for all drivers) combined with a new, specifically-designed, online tool that takes only about 10 minutes to use.  The software aims to risk assess an individual’s attitude to driving by measuring driver history along with eight human characteristics: demographics, distraction, speed, co-operation, dealing with pressure, violations, journey planning.


  1. It also uses brand new technology

The new Driver Profiler represents a significant technological upgrade over its predecessor, it is more user-friendly and visually pleasing, plus organisations have the option to personalise the software with their logo, as well as adding messages and emails. More tailored feedback is provided for every completed category, as well as an overall risk rating, and on completion, the driver receives their report instantly.



  1. It’s ideal for Fleet Managers

Managers have access to a report containing a risk rating for each driver, so they can see at a glance which drivers pose the highest risk and prioritise training for those individuals.  This data can be used in a number of ways, including being able to drill down to company unit or department for human resource requirements. The enhanced management information system allows managers to more easily identify ‘at risk’ drivers and organise a suitable training programme.


  1. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in

That’s right, no matter what your industry or job title, Driver Profiler is suitable for any organisation operating a fleet of vehicles and any organisation that employs people who drive for work purposes.  At a higher level, it is suitable for Fleet, HR, Transport, Facilities and Logistics managers.  cars_row


  1. You can get a free trial!

Sometimes you don’t want to fully commit to something. Sometimes you want to try before you buy. That’s where our Driver Profiler Free Trial comes in. You can explore the tool, play around with the features and even undertake the assessment. We’ve also put together a handy presentation that highlights the key features of the product, you can view it HERE.


So there you go, 5 compelling reasons why you and your fleet need to use Driver Profiler.

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