Training in a nutshell – Abrasive Wheel Safety

Accident statistics indicate that nearly half of all accidents involving abrasive wheels occur because of an unsafe system of work or operator error. Our latest TraininIcons 100mmx100mm-04g in a Nutshell guide looks at our Abrasive Wheel Safety course, which aims to reduce those accidents and injuries.


Abrasive Wheel Safety

In a tweet: A one-day course for all staff who are required to mount abrasive wheels or who require familiarisation with the regulations.”

It’s for you if…

  • You are required to mount abrasive wheels, or need to be familiar with the regulations surrounding the use of them.
  • You are experienced in the use of abrasive wheels. Please Note: This is NOT essential if you are planning to undertake this course.


5 key benefits:

  • Understanding the legal requirements for abrasive wheel safety
  • Help reduce the number of potential accidents involving abrasive wheels
  • Gain the confidence to be able to set abrasive wheels safely
  • Understand the requirements of the schedule of training (a specific legal requirement for anybody who mounts abrasive wheels)
  • Learn methods of marking, storing, handling and transportation of abrasive wheels



Course Content

  • Legal requirements relating to abrasive wheels
  • Hazards arising from the use of abrasive wheels
  • Methods of marking, storing, handling and transportation
  • Practical demonstrations



What do I tell my boss?

All employees, including those using, mounting and managing the operation of abrasive wheels, should be fully informed and properly trained in their safe use. This training will prevent injuries and help us meet our legal requirements.

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