5 ways that supporting RoSPA’s Brighter Beginnings Appeal can help your business

Earlier this year, we discussed the reasons for launching the Brighter Beginnings Appeal. The bottom line is that too many children are still being killed in accidents – in fact, on averaBB logo-02ge two children die every week in an accident at home, while thousands more end up in A&E. With that in mind, the Brighter Beginnings Appeal aims to distribute free Parent Packs to new parents around the country, starting with those who need them the most…

So far, the response to the appeal has been overwhelming. In the space of just a few months, we’ve raised thousands of pounds, including an incredible £15,000 in donations from guests at RoSPA’s recent centenary garden party. We’ve also received pledges of support from businesses up and down the country.

Part of the reason the Appeal has been such a success, is that as well as directly benefitting families in the community, supporting Brighter Beginnings can also be great news for your business!


“Safety is important in every aspect of our lives and even more so when it involves the people we love. We are governed by safety when at work, but when in the comfort of our home sometimes we need reminding that safety matters at all times.”

Melissa, DHL UK


Help us help you!

1: Supporting the Brighter Beginnings Appeal is a brilliant way to demonstrate your commitment to health, safety and wellbeing at work and beyond. And, seeing as plenty of big names have already got behind the appeal, including Airbnb and Netmums, you’ll be in good company! Don’t worry, we’ll be happy to shout about all your kind help on our website, e-bulletin and social media channels – so you can let the world know that you’re helping make a real difference.

2: The Appeal is a great way to boost staff morale and support a healthy lives agenda by encouraging participation in a fun, physical fundraising activity. For example, Stocksigns have recently undertaken the gruelling Three Peaks Challenge, helping forge tight-knit bonds in their team, and raising more than two thousand pounds for the Brighter Beginnings Appeal in the process!

3: Working closely with RoSPA is a great way to increase engagement. For example, we encourage your staff to share their own experiences, by contributing to our ‘Your Stories Blog‘. And of course, all new parents at your workplacnewborn-baby-990691_960_720e will get a free Parent Pack of their own to help keep their new arrivals safe from harm.

4: Show your support for 24/7 safety. Your staff will have access to https://www.rospa.com/infocentre/lifeline/Lifeline, our free email and telephone helpline. Manned by experienced advisers able to answer a vast range of safety enquiries, it’s a great place to turn when you need answers, and will help to keep your staff safe in the riskiest place of all – when they’re not in work.

5: By helping to support the Brighter Beginnings Appeal, you can unlock further opportunities to work with RoSPA. For example, you can make your employees ‘RoSPA Ambassadors’, and further raise morale by rewarding involvement via RoSPA’s Guardian Angel awards scheme.

Find out more

If you’d like to join businesses around the country and support families and children in your community, then please visit the Brighter Beginnings page and download our free Corporate Fundraising Pack, full of ideas on how to get started.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly so we can discuss these and other ways you can get involved at campaigns@rospa.com or call 0121 248 2082.

We look forward to speaking soon!

We’d like to thank you for making this possible and ask you to share them. As ever, the more people we reach, the more families we can benefit, and the more lives we can save.
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