Training in a nutshell – Behavioural Safety

The latest in our popular series of training guides takes a look at one of ourPre Course Prep most popular 2 day courses. Each guide comes with a strict 300 word limit! Quick facts and key benefits, so you’ve got all you need to know to find the right course for you and your business.


Behavioural Safety

  • In a tweet: Take managing safely to the next level and effect real change in your organisation.”


It’s for you if…

  • You‘re seeking a clear and practical understanding of how effective behaviour change can be achieved to promote a positive health and safety culture
  • You want the skills to develop a tailored behavioural strategy in your organisation.


5 key benefits:

  • Develop an understanding of the psychology of behaviour
  • Understand key theories which relate to effective behaviour management
  • Develop a tailored behavioural strategy in your business
  • Become confident in applying key theories relating to effective behaviour management
  • Gain the skills required to explain the importance of managing workplace consequences


Course Content

  • The psychology of behaviour
  • A thorough introduction to applied behaviour analysis
  • Management’s role in an effective behaviour change process Skills
  • How to achieve successful integration


What do I tell my boss?

80 per cent of accidents have human behaviour as a contributory factor – by changing behaviour, you can reduce accidents and save the company money. This course will help with staff retention and increased productivity, and help reduce the risk of prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007.”


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