So you’ve got high risk drivers….

We have all been there, you get your exam results and they are not quite what you wanted. Do you sit around and moan? Do you go through all the hassle again? Alternativelymobile-telephone, do you move on and look to improve yourself?

It can be the same story for Fleet Managers using RoSPA’s Driver Profiler tool, of course you want a clean bill of health and to discover that all of your drivers are safer than Fort Knox, but sometimes that is not the case. Occasionally you discover that certain members of your fleet fall into the high risk category. The good news is that you do not need to sit around and moan about it, you do not need to get your drivers to redo the test; instead, you can take a positive approach and be proactive. You are passionate about protecting your fleet; you have identified their vulnerabilities, so now it is time to act…

Driver Development

This is the perfect way to ensure that all of your drivers, regardless of their driving history or previous training experience, undergo continuous professional development. This course will cover defensive driving via an interactive theory workshop. This workshop also looks at factors such as stress and fatigue and the impact they have on driving behaviour.

AfiStock_000003997845XSmallter that, it is time to loosely paraphrase Billy Ocean and get out of the classroom and into the car. During this session, we will be looking at and coaching the delegate(s) on aspects such as anticipation, eco driving, and use of speed.

When that is all done, the delegate(s) will have improved their observation, concentration and anticipation, as well as having a greater knowledge of their vehicle and the Highway Code.

In short, you have a better, safer more reliable driver in your fleet, saving you money and improving your company’s image. The only downside is that you now have that Billy Ocean song stuck in your head!


Driver Theory Workshop

When the going gets tough, you need a cost effective way of training a large number of delegates in one go. RoSPA’s Driver Theory Workshop ticks all of those boxes and is an ideal opportunity for your high-risk drivers to understand the principles of defensive driving. In addition, because we all have different needs, the driver theory workshop also has a number of modules you can select from to help ensure the course is ideal for your drivers. You can select five or ten modules from the following list:

  • Fatigue
  • Fitness to drive
  • Stress, time pressure and conflict
  • Vehicle checks
  • Parking
  • Winter weather
  • Summer weather
  • Driving abroad
  • Overtaking
  • Eco driving
  • Speed awareness
  • Attitude
  • How to manage hazards
  • Crash responsibility


The driver development module and five of the above units can be delivered in half a day, whilst a full day will enable you to pick 10 modules.



Maybe you do not have the time or resources to send your staff away on a course. Our e-learning training will help drivers develop the attitudes and behaviour necessary to manage the risks faced when driving. But it’s not just a case of sitting at your desk playing find the ‘Next’ button, our e-learning comprises of a variety of learning methods you can choose from, including film clips and other interactive activities.iStock_000005231364XSmall

The whole course takes no longer than a football match and you don’t have to do it all in one sitting, making it convenient and relatively quick to complete, so time away from core duties is reduced.

And if you have not yet purchased driver profiler, you can buy both of these products together.

So there you have it, discovering you have high risk drivers in your fleet is not the end of the world. In fact, it opens up a world of possibilities and enables you to have a safer, more reliable fleet that are a great asset to your business.


RoSPA Fleet Safety are working to reduce occupational road risk using innovative, behaviour-based solutions. Our goal is to be the global leader in driver and fleet safety. 

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