Health and work: the perfect mix?

shutterstock_247326868Dr Karen McDonnell, CFIOSH, CBiol MIBiol, MIPD, AIEMA looks at the best ways we can blend together best practices in order to get the best mix of health and work challenges.

Whether you order a Manhattan, Cosmopolitan or a gin and tonic you expect the mixologist to get it right every time. Mixing together the ingredients in the right quantities consistently well to produce the perfect result!

Blending together health and work to safeguard your number one key asset, your employees, is fundamental to keeping them happy, healthy and here and is also fundamental to continued business success.

Here are six key rules to help you focus on the health and work challenge, which you can mix according to your own organisation’s requirements.

Rule one: Where necessary, make sure your employees are fit enough to do those jobs that are especially demanding.

Rule two: Besides providing first aid to deal with health crises, provide sensitive and practical help and support to employees whose health is impaired, including those returning to work following sickness or injury.

Rule three: Engage with your people at work and work to raise their understanding of how they can maintain and improve their own health and safety – and that of their family members – and provide help and opportunities for them to achieve this.

Rule four: Through training, education and dialogue create a partnership culture in which the managers and staff work proactively to maintain and improve employee health. shutterstock_269077082

Rule five: Plan, deliver and monitor your employee health improvement plan to check it is working, acting on lessons learned from experience and celebrating successes.

Rule six: Get the right outside help and support to achieve these objectives, while aiming to become as self-reliant as possible.

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