Telematics – Making driving for work safer!

telematics-good-practice-coverAs with any health and safety system, the use of Telematics should be regularly evaluated and reviewed, to check that it is achieving the organisation’s aims and objectives, identifying problems that need to be resolved and improvements to be made.

To get the most out of your organisation’s investment, it is essential that managers and drivers review the driver feedback and proactively use it to inform future safety measures.

RoSPA has produced a good practice guide which includes advice on setting aims and objectives, selecting the right telematics tool for you and educating managers and drivers to get the best results from your investment in telematics.

Questions on data collection, key performance measurement, telematics selection and installation plus much more are all answered in this essential guide.


Telematics alone will not eradicate the bad habits that inevitably creep into everyone’s driving. To ensure continued development of drivers, a holistic approach is needed to include regular risk assessments, driver training and refresher training.

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