Is RoSPA the missing piece of your CPC drivers hours puzzle?

CPC Infogrpahic Hi resWhen it comes to achieving your CPC driving licence, the clock is ticking ever louder, especially as the road haulage driver CPC deadline is now only a few months away. As we mentioned in our previous article ‘What is driver CPC?’, the date for achieving your CPC qualification card is 10th September 2014…

The good news is that it’s easier than you think to complete the 35 hours of certified training required for your CPC driving qualification (sometimes called DCPC). For instance, as an approved JAUPT centre, RoSPA is able to provide driver development training for bus, coach and large goods drivers which includes key defensive driving techniques and much more. Alternatively, you could use our consortium service to provide in-house driver CPC training, meaning CPC licence costs for your organisation will be even lower. Below we have provided a simple infographic to illustrate just how easy it is to achieve 35 hours – so there’s no need to be ‘puzzled’ anymore! CPC Infogrpahic Hi res

RoSPA’s DCPC training course

Defensive Driving courseDriver Theory Workshop PCV/LGV driversDriver CPC Theory Workshop
Driver Assessor Course
Drivers’ Hours Workshop
Manual Handling Postural Awareness
RoSPA’s Driver CPC Consortium

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