Top ten workplace safety posts 2013

Top 10As well as a time for making (and breaking!) resolutions, New Year is a great time to look back at the previous year and take stock. 2013 was an exciting year for safety, with changes to RIDDOR reporting and the driver CPC deadline hitting the headlines. In fact nearly 250,000 of you stopped by RoSPA’s Workplace Safety Blog to get the lowdown on the latest health and safety news, NEBOSH help tips and expert analysis. In fact with so much going on it’s easy to miss something, which is why we’ve decided to provide you with this round-up of the most popular Workplace Safety Blog articles from last year. So, without further ado…

1.  What is COSHH? Questions about COSHH answered

We’re frequently asked “What is COSHH?” This post aims to answer basic questions such as “What does COSHH stand for?” and includes a COSHH definition, a guide to COSHH symbols and more.  [Read more]

2. What is Manual Handling? Explanation of the regulations and TILE tool?

If you’ve ever wondered what manual handling is or what the regulations for manual handling are, then this post is for you.  More importantly, it highlights the manual handling TILE acronym and how to implement this within your organisation. Read more]

3. The Five Step Guide to Risk Assessment

“What is a risk assessment?” This post aims to allow you to answer basic questions on risk assessments such as “a definition of risk assessment”, “why do risk assessments?”, “when to do a risk assessment?” and “how to do a risk assessment?” [Read more]

4. How to craft killer answers and excel in NEBOSH exams – Part 2Health and safety equipment

Following our incredibly popular NEBOSH exam past paper post, here’s the second in our ever-popular NEBOSH exam question and answer series. [Read more]

5.  How to pass NEBOSH exams: New command word guide

A quick look at the examiner’s comments from past NEBOSH exams reveals that delegates frequently fail to answer the question as it is set. To help ensure you avoid this common pitfall we’ve put together this handy NEBOSH exam command word guide. [Read more]

6.  RoSPA’s guide to NEBOSH past papers – Part 3

Another addition to our ever-popular NEBOSH study guides, this third installment in the series tackles questions from a NEBOSH Certificate paper. [Read more]

7. What is Driver CPC and do you comply?

Do you work in the road haulage or passenger carrying industry? Are you struggling to understand “What is Driver CPC?”  If so this blog will guide you through all you need to know to make sure you comply with this increasingly important issue. [Read more]

8. RIDDOR reporting: what is RIDDOR and how do the changes affect you?

As a result of the Government’s health safety reform programme, RIDDOR has been streamlined and amended. For those of you still struggling to get to grips with the changes, this guide provides a brief summary and looks at how they could affect you and your organisation. [Read more]

9. A dummies’ guide to PUWER

With the world of occupational health and safety overflowing with acronyms, it’s perhaps understandable that you might occasionally mix up COSHH with COMAH or DSEAR with DSE. Thankfully, our simple guide tells you everything you need to know about PUWER assessment and training to protect your workers, and your organisation. [Read more]

10. DOs and DON’Ts for the NEBOSH Practical

As the name implies, Unit NGC3: Health and Safety Practical Application allows you to demonstrate your NEBOSH NGC1 and NGC2 accumulated knowledge by applying it to real examples from within your place of work. So, if you’re currently working towards the NEBOSH Certificate, these DOs and DON’Ts are for you. [Read more]

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