10 reasons every health & safety manager should use Twitter

Health and Safety TweetsAs we discussed a few weeks ago in our guide to professional networking, making successful connections can benefit both you and your organisation. Having recently launched @RoSPAWorkplace – a new twitter feed exclusively for those that work in safety – here’s our top ten reasons why it’s a conversation that you should join. Scroll down though, as we’ve saved the best for last with the tenth reason being entry to an exclusive twitter competition!

1.   It’s so easy – To set up an account just go to the Twitter homepage, type in your email address and password and begin by following feeds such as @RoSPAWorkplace, @H_S_E and @NEBOSHTweets.

2.   You’re in control – Follow organisations and individuals to receive their latest news, views, tips and talk in a clear and concise feed directly to your phone or screen. Reply if you wish or retweet their message to others that you think would like to know.

3.   It’s mobile – And therefore ideal for safety managers who spend time on-site and out of the office. Wherever your work takes you,  Twitter goes too in the form of the Twitter app.

4.    You’ll be the first to know – The ease and immediacy of twitter mean it’s where newsProfessional networking breaks first.

5.   You’ll get the best last minute deals – Again, the immediacy of twitter beats other forms of communication. Hence, our best last minute safety training deals are only found on our feed @RoSPAWorkplace

6.   You’ll keep your inbox down – Access new, interesting and valuable content without clogging your inbox – from our  NEBOSH revision aids to the latest statistics released by the HSE, twitter allows you to customise your feed to reflect your interests.

7.   You’ll be inspired – Connect with peers and grow your network. See how other safety managers are tackling the problems you are face.

8.   You’ll be informed – About how to choose a training provider, PPE supplier or maybe a contractor.  Check out potential suppliers and see what sort of feedback they are getting from their customers on Twitter.

9.    It’s a conversation – And you get to have your say! Let others learn from you by tweeting your own tips and share information by retweeting the advice of others to your own colleagues.

10.   It’s the home of exclusive twitter competitions – Such as….

Tweet for a seat! Follow @RoSPAWorkplace by Friday 19th July for a chance to win one free place on a Risk Assessment course

See here for terms and conditions.


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