Spotted: Accidents just waiting to happen…

RoSPA Trainer Ian WhyteWhen out and about delivering  training courses and carrying out consultancy services our trainers keep their eyes peeled for safety violations that are quite literally accidents waiting to happen.

Spotted to date by Safety Consultant Ian Whyte we have…

Hazardous electrics noted during a fire risk assessment in the Midlands. A fire/electrocution risk that should have been avoided.

Unsafe plug - Birmingham based fire risk assessment

A ‘DIY’ homemade air compressor. As it’s not been tested for pressure, doesn’t have a drain valve and is rusting it could explode at any time.

DIY Air compressor

The exposed wiring of a handheld grinder – liable to surprise with a nasty shock:

Exposed wires on a handheld grinder

And finally, a blocked fire exit that doesn’t seem to have caused undue concern to those intending to sit in front of it…


These images can kick-start a  useful conversation when you’re talking to your colleagues about the importance of safety in the workplace. Indeed, as the saying goes, ‘a picture tells a thousand words’  and no doubt you have your own examples of both ‘near-misses’ and accidents themselves. If so, please share them below so that discussions can be had, and lessons can be learned – hopefully before it’s too late.

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