Calling all fleets – Get the lowdown on ISO 39001

megaphone2The International Organisation for Standardisation has identified the need for a management system for road traffic safety and has developed the new ISO 39001 standard in response to this. It is seen as a practical resource for all those with responsibility for safety on the global road networks including governments, vehicle fleet operators and organisations worldwide.

ISO 39001 lays out requirements for safety around areas such as safe person, safe place and safe vehicle within the working environment and on the public highways. All organisations are encouraged to adopt this approach as it promotes continuous improvement by ensuring organisations have processes in place to identify and manage risks and ultimately to remedy these. This continuous improvement approach is achieved by the ISO standard model of: plan-do-check-act.

ISO39001 a new road traffic management system standard

What are the benefits of ISO 39001?

  • Meet organisational safety and social responsibility targets
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders that you take these targets seriously
  • Standard supports the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety campaign
  • Identify ways to improve efficiency through better management
  • Cut costs through improved efficiency
  • Could help to win and retain business
  • Be recognised as one of the first companies to implement ISO 39001

How to achieve ISO 39001 Compliance

Achieving ISO 39001 compliance will improve your road traffic safety system

Achieving this new standard requires:

  • Development and implementation of an appropriate road traffic safety policy
  • Development of objectives
  • Development of action plans

For organisations already on top of the management of occupational road risk, achieving compliance shouldn’t prove to be too onerous – as many of the required steps will already be in place. Compliance is effectively a public declaration of good practice to all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, peers etc.

Achieving compliance means that your organisation will not only benefit from the integral safety benefits, but the kudos and PR opportunities are vast.

Find out more about achieving compliance and improving your road traffic safety system.

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