RoSPA have relaunched their popular Managing Occupational Road Risk reviews (MORR) and now there are 3 levels of service for you to choose from. This means that no matter the size of your fleet, you can find the right MORR package for your business.

Where will NEBOSH take you?

Most of us can probably recall a time when life seemed a tad overwhelming. Those early morning jitters before taking a GCSE exam (O-Level for those who go a little further back). The feeling of utter dread before stepping into a job interview. Or perhaps the moment long awaited to recite the eternal words ‘I do’. Whether it’s an... Continue Reading →

Better than jetpacks! Welcome to the future of Health & Safety training…

As a child, do you remember wondering what the future would hold? Would you soar to work on a jetpack or hurtle through the city on a hover board? Would dinner consist of a handful of vitamin pills? Would a trip to Mars and back be as cheap and cheerful as a budget flight to... Continue Reading →

Feeling hot? 7 ice-cold tips for keeping cool at work this summer

Traditionally, the British summer can be a bit of an anti-climax. Umbrellas rather than parasols. Anoraks rather than bikinis. A steaming mug of Bovril rather than… well, you get the idea. Perhaps it’s for this reason that us Brits tend to be a little blasé when it comes to preparing ourselves for life in hot... Continue Reading →

Top Tips for preventing Workplace Stress

We all experience stress – whether it’s the daily commute, club relegation or the kids misbehaving – and in many ways there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s perfectly normal to display a range of feelings and emotions when you’re dealing with something you care about. We all need a certain level of stress to... Continue Reading →

NEBOSH Diploma vs. NVQ Level 5

There have been some titanic rivalries over the last century, whether it’s on the pitch, through social media or the hubbub of a UK referendum. For most people, their favourite rivalry is likely to be something along the lines of Ali vs Frazier III, Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona or Nadal vs Federer, but for us in the health and safety game it comes down to the NEBOSH diploma vs NVQ Level 5. Two equally worthwhile but very different options - the question is, which one's right for you?

What’s the best event of Summer 2018?

This June sees the world's biggest football tournament taking place in Russia and it promises to be a spectacular and exciting festival of football. Meanwhile, in London, the annual Safety and Health Expo will be taking place at ExCel. Both are fantastic events, but which one is best?

Why a Health & Safety Review should be top of your wish list

When you hear the term ‘wish list’, your immediate thought might be the excessive amount of items waiting in your Amazon shopping basket, the countries you’ve been yearning to visit for the last 10 years, or perhaps the endless home improvements needed to make that dream space a reality.

6 Reasons to Attend a RoSPA Awards Gala Dinner

For over 60 years here at RoSPA, we’ve been rewarding the health and safety excellence of organisations of all sizes from across the globe (24 countries to be precise). The Awards celebrations climax with the prestigious RoSPA Awards Gala Dinners, four glittering nights entertaining over 3,500 including some of the most important people from across the industry. This year we’re opening the doors to non-award entrants! Not sure if this event’s for you? Here’s just a few reasons to join in the celebrations!

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