Magnifier over FiguresIf you’ve never been visited by a health and safety inspector – and, depending on the nature and level of risk of your workplace, many of you won’t have been – there is perhaps a tendency to worry or be nervous about what might happen during a visit, but if you’ve been managing your health and safety in the right way, there’s no need to be concerned.

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iStock_000005528686XSmallAs every safety and health professional knows, there’s a near endless list of issues we need to consider if we are going to ensure every employee returns safely home to their families each night. While most of you will have studied for years to achieve the highest health and safety qualifications, there’s no harm in occasionally going back to basics to refresh your memory… Which in this case means remembering your ABCs! In this short post, we look at the first 12 letters of the alphabet and what they mean for the OSH professional…

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Storytelling - effective communication skillsAs we’ve discussed before, motivating some staff to get excited about safety is not a challenge for the faint-hearted. No matter the number of workplace accident statistics that clearly illustrate the detrimental effect preventable injuries have on our workforce – not to mention our struggling A&E departments – some people still seem to be fixated on the fact that health and safety is boring, or something to be derided. Thankfully, occupational safety professionals are a thick-skinned bunch and will go to great lengths to improve worker involvement. One technique you might not have considered, however, is the power of storytelling – which as this blog shows, is definitely not just for children…

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2014 H+S Infograph

The report is out! The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has released this year’s facts and figures from construction fatalities to manual handling for 2013 – 2014. We have put together the next instalment – ‘Behind the annual statistics’ infographic which breaks down the stats and information to give you a bite size view of their findings. Continue Reading »

12xmasbb… 12 myths of Christmas! With the festive season now upon us, health and safety is sometimes used as a reason to put a stop to people enjoying the festivities. Here, we break down the barriers and show you some of these myths – from not clearing snow from outside your home, to Santa needing a seat belt to deliver the gifts! Continue Reading »

cop1With British weather being so unpredictable, drivers have to be prepared for all weather conditions – especially when winter starts to bite and snow becomes a distinct possibility. According to the MET office ‘January is currently showing signs of temperatures hitting “record-breaking” lows meaning parts of the country could see the mercury plunge to -27C (-17F).’

Drivers need to take into account anything from frost to heavy snow. So, we’ve put together a short myth busting guide to give you some top winter driving tips – offering advice on skidding, snow, fog and much more. 


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Each year, 40% of all accidents reported to the HSE are attributed to slips, trips and falls and cost employers around £512 million in lost production. They are also responsible for 50% of all reported injuries to members of the public in workplaces. This short guide gives tips on how to reduce these statistics and what you can do to prevent slips and trips in your workplace.

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